Money Aviation and ExecuJet Join Arms in the Pursuit of Aviation Sales

Money Aviation and ExecuJet Join Arms in the Pursuit of Aviation Sales

Money Aviation and ExecuJet Join Arms in the Pursuit of Aviation SalesAfBAC Expo, Johannesburg, South Africa: Money Aviation has announced today the new collaboration with ExecuJet South Africa. Together they will promote the selling and buying of pre-owned aircraft on the African continent.

ExecuJet has a long and distinguished record as a private jet charter provider, aircraft management and maintenance organisation as well as offering the services of a world-class FBO.

Money Aviation is fast becoming the premier aircraft sales and acquisitions company on the African continent and the working partnership between ExecuJet and Money Aviation will see a renewed focus on the sale of pre-owned aircraft and helicopters.

“The bringing together of the teams from ExecuJet and Money Aviation opens the way for a bright new chapter for aviation sales across the African continent.” – Gavin Kiggen, Vice President Africa

Both companies are located at Lanseria International Airport and have an active presence across the continent. To date, Money Aviation has specialised in the helicopter and turboprop markets whereas ExecuJet has primarily focused on the Jet market.

Money Aviation and ExecuJet Join Arms in the Pursuit of Aviation Sales“Drawing on our vast internal knowledge base, our team at Money Aviation stands ready to make use of our large corporate network and extensive aviation experience to expand the sales capabilities of ExecuJet across the African continent” – Nigel Forrester, Sales Director – Money Aviation

The announcement of the collaboration between these two dynamic aviation leaders now ushers in a new era in with all sectors of aircraft sales and acquisitions now being covered by the highly experienced and respected team that makes up Money Aviation.

About ExecuJet

ExecuJet is a leading global business aviation organisation offering a diverse range of services including aircraft management for private and commercial registered aircraft, aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, aircraft completions management and fixed base operations. ExecuJet has operations in six regions – Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, embracing a workforce of more than 1,000 experienced staff.

ExecuJet manages 165 business jets worldwide under the most stringent safety standards. Its commercial fleet is operated under the regulatory umbrella of six regional civil aviation issued air operating certificates (AOCs). ExecuJet has many authorised maintenance facilities throughout four regions, certified to work on most business jets. ExecuJet operates 25 world-class FBO facilities worldwide.

ExecuJet is part of the Luxaviation Group, the second largest operator of corporate aircraft in the world. Luxaviation manages more than 270 aircraft and currently employs more than 1,700 employees worldwide. Further information:

About Money Aviation

Money Aviation (Pty) Ltd has established itself as the preferred aviation company when buying or selling aircraft or helicopters. With a vast amount of experience in aircraft sales, piloting, engineering, project management and research, Money Aviation offers a complete package of expertise and resourcefulness to its clients. 

Regional Marketing Contact:

Warren Anderson
Group Marketing Manager Money Group
Tel: +27 11 659 1064

Anna Mogoai
ExecuJet Africa
Tel: +27 11 516 2340